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Barb Tobias … Speaker, Coach, Author, Columnist, Radio Host, Thrift Specialist

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Barb Tobias took a circuitous route to finding her true vocation as The Diva. She grew up in the 60s—a time when the movement toward more strong, independent women was just beginning to percolate.

Defying societal pressures to conform, Barb nixed the expected housewife/teacher/secretary route, modeling for two decades while building Woofology, a Detroit-based canine behavioral center that grew into one of the largest in the country under her innovative, personality-driven promotion. After selling the business, Barb entered the corporate world where her natural flair for persuasion and public speaking propelled her sales, management and coaching career to award-winning heights.

She’s an effective life coach, a dynamic public speaker, an unforgettable thrift coach, and her book Tossed & Found uplifts and embraces the world’s aspiring Thrift Divas.

Behind the scenes, her fascination with thrift resulted in a fabulous home and a chic wardrobe fashioned from the tantalizing coffers of the thrift world. Today, her passion is her profession; sharing her cost-conscious secrets with the nation.

An excerpt explaining why Barb Tobias calls herself the Diva:

“I love the word Diva. It’s alluring, outrageous, wickedly self-proclaiming, and by no means an easy medal to wear. Women aren’t born Divas.  They become Divas through growth and discovery and self-actualization. Dictionaries describe a Diva as a woman of rare, outstanding talent.  Although the term can mean myriad things to different people, to me a Diva is a beguiling warrior.  The word brings to mind terms like powerful, talented, fun-loving, giving, daring, multi-faceted, youthful (regardless of age), persuasive, and wise. A Diva never takes herself too seriously, and when all the ballots of life are counted, she finds that, indeed, she has become a woman for all seasons.”


Tossed & Found is more than a bit of lively chatter on the transformation of trash into treasure; it also addresses how we can transform our lives … embark on personal quests to find ourselves after life has tossed us around.

Enjoy cruising through the heady thrift scene while benefiting from Barb’s wise thrifty tips and sage advice for living stylishly on a budget. Tossed and Found. . . Where Frugal is Chic is here.


Barb Tobias


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Barb Tobias
Author, Coach, Speaker, Thrift Specialist